Workspace 5Workspace 5Administrator Guide - Workspace 5 Configuration: EmailHow do I let members manage their email subscriptions?

How do I let members manage their email subscriptions?

This article outlines how to open the option for regular members to manage their email subscriptions (members who are Admins already have this ability)

1. From the Administration drop-down menu, click Configuration, then with the Groups tab on the left highlighted, select Manage Group Settings under the "Configure Application" category.

2. From the Group Settings page, scroll down to the section labeled "Mailing List Usage" and select "Yes" for the option "Can group members unsubscribe themselves from the group mailing list?"

With this option enabled, users can unsubscribe from mail lists by finding and clicking on their names from the group roster in question, and then clicking the link on that page to unsubscribe. Additionally, "Manage Subscription" links will appear for them on the "My Email" page and other places of their personal profile where mail is controlled.

Unsubscribed users can resubscribe to the list at their convenience.