How to: Create & Use Jots

What is it?

Jots is a lightweight document editor used for real time group collaboration, and is best suited for early drafting of plain text files. Each jot is a secure web document that allows multiple authors to write, edit and chat in real time. 

Creating a Jot

Being integrated with your workgroup's document repository, you can create a jot file the same way you would create or upload a new document: Select "Start a jot" from a group's homepage, or from the sidebar of the Documents page.

Using the Features of Jots

After you've created and made changes to your jot, you can export it any time as several different file types, or import other files for further changes to the jot.

Click the star icon to save the state of the jot as a revision, or click on the arrow icon to view changes made to the jot. All changes are saved to the jot anytime you close out of, or leave the jot.

When you're ready, you can also "Save As" and Workspace will upload the jot to your documents as a new, separate, stand-alone file.

Further Information

For more information on Jots, including a short video on how it might be used by your organization, please see the product announcement: Introducing Jots, and also visit Jots on Kavi's official Product Page here: Workspace Features: Jots