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How do I subscribe to a calendar on my Desktop Computer?

You may prefer to subscribe to calendars in Workspace instead of using email notifications. When you subscribe, you create a direct, one-way connection from Workspace to your calendar client. This ensures your calendars are always up to date and removes the need to import individual calendar files from email messages. Instead, future changes to calendar events in Workspace will automatically appear in your calendar after the subscription is established. 

Subscribing to a group calendar:

Subscribing to a group calendar:

From any group calendar page, click the Subscribe to iCalendar button.

This link opens in the default calendar application you have installed on your computer (e.g. Outlook or Apple Calendar) and asks if you want to add the feed to your calendar. Depending on your calendar's settings, it automatically refreshes with the most recent changes.
Subscribing to a group calendar means you never have to visit the group itself (unless prompted to do so by
the Chair) to view the Web-based calendar or stay informed of future meeting events.

However, you must keep your calendar updated. Depending on what calendar application you're using, you may be able to set an automatic refresh frequency rate, or manually sync event data at your convenience. The process for this will vary depending on what calendar application you use.

Subscribing to all of your group calendars:

Instead of subscribing to individual group calendars one by one, you may also subscribe to a single calendar which contains a rollup of all events for all groups to which you belong.

1. From the GO TO drop-down menu, select My Calendar

2. From this page, click the Subscribe to iCalendar button