How to: Reset a password

Setting a new password in Workspace

If you forget the password for your account (or if you never set one to begin with) you can set a new password by using the "Reset Password" form.

Access this tool from the login prompt of your Workspace instance.

1. From the login prompt, click the link labelled "I forgot my password"

2. On the Reset Password form, type the email address of an active account in Workspace and click Submit. You should see a green banner after clicking Submit.

Submitting an email address here will result in a message being sent to that user. The message will contain a link they can use to enter a new password.

For security purposes, the form will not indicate if an email address is mistyped. As such, it is best to first verify the address on file in the application in order to ensure delivery of the password reset link.

Links sent in password reset messages expire shortly after being generated. Immediate followup on those is best, although a new link can be generated using this form at any time if needed.