Workspace 6Workspace 6Administrator Guide for Workspace 6 Configuration: GroupsHow do I edit interest categories of users in a workgroup?

How do I edit interest categories of users in a workgroup?

This article outlines the process of turning on the setting to edit user interest categories from workgroup roster pages.

Note: Enabling this option gives anyone with Roster Management privileges access to update these records. Interest Categories specified in a member's personal profile does not update their interest category in each of their workgroups.

First, make sure interest categories are adjustable by turning on that option:

1. Select Config Panel from the Admin fly-out menu. With the Groups category on the left highlighted, select "Manage Group Settings" under Configure Application Settings.

2. On the Group Settings page, scroll down to the category, "Interest Categories", and select "Yes" for the setting: "Change interest category after joining a group?". Scroll down and click Submit Changes.

To make changes on a roster:

3. Visit the roster page for any group and note ability to now edit interest categories for members