How do I manage interest categories?

1. Select "Config Panel" from the Admin fly-out menu. With "Groups" highlighted on the left, select "Manage Interest Categories" from the section labeled "Configure Roles, Types, and States"

2. The Interest Category page lets you add, activate, and deactivate interest categories.

Applying Interest Categories

To apply an interest category to an individual member, you may do so in their personal profile or making that change in a roster to which a member belongs.

From an individual's profile:

1. Select the interest category you wish to associate with that member from the interest category dropdown menu.

Note: If an interest category isn't appearing in the dropdown, you may add it manually in the secondary box displayed on this page. You may also add all new interest categories here, and manage them from the Config Panel afterwards, if needed.

Interest Categories applied to member profiles do not update on group rosters, which may vary for a member across different groups. However, an interest category may need to be assigned to a member profile before appearing as an option on the roster of a group they belong to.